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Introduction to Microsoft Azure DocumentDB – NoSQL Document DataBase

Microsoft recently released Fully Mangaged, highly-scalable, NoSQL Document Database Service is Azure DocumentDB. DocumentDB design to support Json and Javascript inside the database engine. NoSQL Document Database is perfect solutions for web and mobile applications when predictable throughput, low latency and query are key. OneNote is example of NoSQL Document Databse type of DocumentDB, that is support by millions of users. Let’s see Features of NoSql DocumentDB DataBase of Microsoft Azure.

Features of DocumentDB DataBase of Microsoft Azure

  1. Rich query over a schema-free JSON data model
  2. Transactional execution of JavaScript logic
  3. Scalable storage and throughput
  4. Tunable consistency
  5. Rapid development with familiar technologies
  6. Blazingly fast and write optimized database service

Now let’s see some features of DocumentDB in details.

Fully Managed

Azure DocumentDB provide fully managed service that means we no need to manage database and machine resources . We also no need to manage virtual machine, deploy and configure software. Database is automatically backed up protect against regional failure.

Support for Ad hoc queries with familiar SQL syntax

DocumentDB store heterogeneous Json Document but at the same time it allows to query with familiar SQL Syntax.

Rich query and transactions over schema-free JSON data

DocumentDB is schema-free Database automatically support Json Documents added to the DataBase. One good thing is we can use familiar SQL Syntax. DocumentDB support native Json Document data model to support JavaScript based customers and easy integration with web platforms and tools.

Tunable consistency levels

DocuemntDB provides four consistency levels – strong,Bounded-Staleness, Session, and Eventual . These are helpful to make consistency.

Enable Rapid Development with familiar technologies

DocumentDB reduces friction and complexity when building new applications through CRUD operations. Programming for DocumentDB is easy and does not require custom encoding and extension to support JSON and JavaScript.

What is your opinion ?

Here I have given Introduction to NoSQL DocumentDB Database of Microsoft Azure . I hope it will be useful to understand the basics of DocumentDB. If you have any query and question, you can comment or you can mail me.

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