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How AngulaJs is better than Jquery ?

AngularJs is open source Javascript framework developed by Google which is the most popular and dominant JavaScript framework suits for any sized web app and web application while Jquery is write less, do more Javascript Libraby which is very popular for last many years. So now the question is that How AngualrJs is better than classic Jquery Library ? In this article we will see that What are the core differentiation which makes AngularJs better than Jquery.

Features of AngulaJs Framework

Below listed AngularJs features makes it more powerful than Jquery or any other JavaScript Framework.

  1. Modules
  2. Directive
  3. Templates
  4. Scope
  5. Data Binding
  6. Expressions
  7. Validation
  8. Filters
  9. Services
  10. Routing
  11. Dependency Injection
  12. Testing
  13. MV* or MVW Supported(e.g. MVC, MVVM)

How AngularJs is better than other Javascript Framework ?

Following functionality makes AngularJs better than other JavaScript Framework.

  1. AngulaJs mark-up lives in DOM.
  2. AngularJs uses plain old JavaScript objects(POJO).
  3. AngularJs is leverages with Dependency Injection.

Compare internal structure of Angula Js Framework with Jquery Library

Angular Js built using JQLite which is a subset of Jquery. JQLite provides most of the Jquery features but not the all features. So this becomes only limitation of AngularJs. If you want to use Jquery with Angular Js in your application than you have to load the Jquery Library first before loading the AngularJs.

AngularJs vs Jquery

Let’s see quick comparison between AngularJs and Jquery. So we can have better idea about features of AngualrJs and Jquery.

Features AngularJs Jquery
Abstract the Dom Yes Yes
Deffered Promises Yes Yes
Animation Support Yes Yes
Ajax/Jsonp Yes Yes
Unit Test Runner Yes Yes
Cross Module Communication Yes Yes
Integration Test Runner Yes No
Templating Yes No
Dependency Management Yes No
Form Validation Yes No
RESTful API Yes No
MVC Pattern Support Yes No
Two-way Data Binding Yes No
Localization Yes No
Deep-Link Routing Yes No
File Size 38KB 32KB

As comparison it self showing that AngularJs is better than Jquery in many features. Other than these I have some another points which will clarify the power of AngualrJs.

  1. Custom-directive(custom markup,reusable components)
  2. Form Validation
  3. Server Communication
  4. Dependency Injection

AngularJs features with Security protection

AngularJs following security built in functionality makes it better than Jquery or other JavaScript framework.

  1. Prevent HTML injection attacks.
  2. Prevent XSRF protection for server side communication.
  3. Prevent Cross-Site-Scripting(CSS) attacks.

What is your opinion ?

Here we have compared AngularJs and Jquery and discuss some extra features and functionality provided by AngularJs. If you have any query and question, you can comment or you can mail me.

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