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Features of All MVC Framework Version

This article is about a brief history of MVC Framework with it’s release notes and compared MVC’s all version with newly added features in MVC Framework which is stable still now .

New Features of MVC 6 vNext

MVC6 released on 7th November, 2015 and required .Net framework 5.0 with Visual Studio 2015.

  1. Cloud optimized versions of MVC, Web API, Web Pages, SignalR, and EF
  2. MVC, Web API and Web Pages merged into one framework callled MVC6
  3. Tag Helper
  4. View Components
  5. Cross Platform and Open Source
  6. Microsoft removed the dependency of system.web.dll from MVC 6 or vNext because it’s so expensive
  7. Roslyn Compiler
  8. New Project Extension project.json was intoduced
  9. Host agnostic
  10. supports to Enum and EnumHelper in razor views
  11. Built in Dependency Injection

New Features of MVC 5

MVC5 released on 17th October, 2013 and required .Net framework 4.5 , 4.5.1 with Visual Studio 2013 .

  1. One
  2. Identity
  3. Bootstrap in the MVC template
  4. ASP.NET Scaffolding
  5. Authentication Filters
  6. Filter overrides
  7. Attribute routing
  8. Web API 2
  9. Enum support in views
  10. Unobtrusive validation for MinLength/MaxLength Attributes
  11. Supporting the ‘this’ context in Unobtrusive Ajax

New Features of MVC 4

MVC 4 released on 15th August, 2012 and required .Net framework 4.0, 4.5 with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 & Visual Studio 2012 .

  1. ASP.NET Web API
  2. Enhancements to default project templates
  3. Mobile project template using jQuery Mobile
  4. Display Modes
  5. Task support for Asynchronous Controllers
  6. Bundling and minification
  7. Support for the Windows Azure SDK
  8. Database Migrations
  9. Empty Project Template
  10. Add Controller to any project folder
  11. Enabling Logins from Facebook and Other Sites Using OAuth and OpenID

New Features of MVC 3

MVC 3 released on 13th January, 2011 and required .Net framework 4.0 with Visual Studio 2010 .

  1. The Razor view engine
  2. Model Validation Improvements
  3. Compare Attribute
  4. Sessionless Controller
  5. Extensible Scaffolding with MvcScaffold integration
  6. Support for Multiple View Engines
  7. Controller Improved
  8. Child Action Output Caching
  9. Dependency Resolver
  10. Entity Framework Code First support
  11. Partial-page output caching
  12. ViewBag dynamic property for passing data from controller to view
  13. Global Action Filters
  14. Better JavaScript support with unobtrusive JavaScript, jQuery Validation, and JSON binding
  15. Use of NuGet to deliver software and manage dependencies throughout the platform
  16. Good Intellisense support for Razor into Visual Studio
  17. Dependency Injection Improved

New Features of MVC 2

MVC 2 released on 10th March, 2010 and required .Net framework 3.5, 4.0 with Visual Studio 2008 & 2010 .

  1. Templated Helpers
  2. Strongly typed HTML helpers means lambda expression based Html Helpers
  3. Support for Data Annotations Attribute
  4. Client-side validation
  5. UI helpers with automatic scaffolding & customizable templates
  6. Support for Asynchronous controllers
  7. Areas for partitioning a large applications into modules
  8. Overriding the HTTP Method Verb including GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE
  9. Attribute-based model validation on both client and server
  10. Support for DefaultValueAttribute in Action-Method Parameters
  11. Support for Binding Binary Data with Model Binders
  12. ModelMetadata and ModelMetadataProvider Classes
  13. Model-Validator Providers
  14. New HiddenInputAttribute Class for Templated Helpers
  15. New RequireHttpsAttribute Action Filter
  16. Html.ValidationSummary Helper Method for Displaying Model-Level Errors

Features of MVC 1

MVC 1 released on 13th March, 2009 and required .Net framework 3.5 with Visual Studio 2008 & Visual Studio 2008 SP1 .

  1. MVC Pattern architecture with WebForm Engine
  2. Html Helpers
  3. Ajax helpers
  4. Routing
  5. Unit Testing

What is your opinion ?

So from this article you can have details of All Features of MVC Framework which is released and stable still now . You can also compare it’s all features with newly features added in every version from it’s history given here . If you have any query you can comment or you can mail me.

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