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Exposing – Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing still considering Meta Keywords

We have seen lots of article stats that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bind and many more are not considering meta keywords but it is not truth at all. It is just rumor announced by all search engine before some years ago just for removing keywords stuffing and give importance to quality content. Here I will make all points regarding Search Engines like google, yahoo and bind does use or ignore Meta Keywords ? and if use than HOW ?

Why search engines announced that they will not consider or use meta keywords any more !

In 2009 Google announced that now on wards they will not consider meta keywords any more and when ever we search about meta keywords are considerable or not we find answer NO in several blog and even in Google official sites and forum, above this when ever we try to get the answer of this question we accidentally meet the videos of matt cutts stating that Does google use the meta Keywords ?, Once again you simply answered that NO. This is same story about all other search engines like Bing , Yahoo and many mores .

Now let me take you back before 2009 when all search engines official considering Meta Keywords. It was time when some self claimed seo experts using technique like meta keyword stuffing and some of them also use absolutely mismatch keyword regarding content, which was not fair for all search engines user. This was biggest challenge at that time by all search engines which can decrease it’s popularity as main focus of search engines must be quality of content to their users. So suddenly one by one all search engine announced that they are not considering or using meta keywords any more. This was real reason behind all search engines false announcements that they will ignore meta keywords.

How search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bind considering or using Meta Keywords

Now the question is that how search engine is using Meta keywords for providing rank in web search. This is truth that all search engines considering meta keywords and some of blogger also claimed and provoking that all search engines considering Meta Keywords. As per my experience while blogging what ever I learn so far, I will try to explain it by my one most famous articles still now on my blog Data Haunting which is Difference between View and PartialView in MVC.(This is just example to understand the impact of meta keywords) Based on my this articles I will make several points how does search engines like google , yahoo and bind use or consider meta keywords! We will discuss all points on which I will explain how to use Meta Keywords in your aticles.

  1. Meta Title with Meta Keywords

    As per Search engine Meta Title must be unique and much different on your blog or web site . In my articles Difference between View and PartialView in MVC , you will find that Meta Title is different in my blog but at the same time you will find that I have also used Meta Keywords in page Title. Please do not try to be over smart just by applying Meta Keywords in your Meta Title. So use it wisely. Finally my advice Your Meta Title must be unique containing required Meta Keywords.

  2. Unique Content with text Meta Keywords

    Besides of all things all search engines looks for quality content for their users which is relevant to their searches. Quality content does not mean only that it is good content regarding user’s search query but it must provide some uniqueness and different from other’s articles and publisher on many other websites. If you think this enough work than you are totally wrong . For considering your articles search engine must find some text in your content. I will explain here it by my experience.

    As here we are talking about one of my blog articles Difference between View and PartialView in MVC , in that articles I provide some new content based on my personal experience and analysis which is not any where in any web site and blog. I got ranked in search engines while some one searched with keywords like Difference between View and PartialView in MVC and Difference between View and PartialView in MVC . But MVC has different version like MVC1 , MVC2 , MVC3, MVC4 , MVC5(if you are Microsoft Developer than you know all version otherwise ignore it. it is just for example ) . So the same time I faced one problem that I could not rank while some one is searched like Difference between View and PartialView in MVC1 , Difference between View and PartialView in MVC2 and so on.. because search engine could not find these text MVC1 , MVC2 , MVC3, MVC4 , MVC5 on my articles. If you providing Meta Keywords and not using in your articles than it is totally worth less and meaning less work so use it in your articles. Finally I decide to put my different version MVC1 , MVC2 , MVC3, MVC4 , MVC5 as Tags which is display as text also in my articles that’s help me to rank with different version.

    Kindly never try to copy your content from any other blog and web site , Search engine can push back you. Your Meta Keywords must be present as text or words in your content. One thing also you have to consider that do not try to more keyword stuffing rather than give importance to your articles’s Content. So my opinion is Quality content with Uniqueness and use Text or Words as Keywords

  3. Emphasizing your Meta Keywords with Heading and Bold , Italic Text

    Now this is what I learnt stil far now from my experience during blogging . Your keywords considering most when you are using in your articles with different heading and Bold , Italic Text. For example as per normal rules every Title must contain h1 heading with keywords. I think this is normal practice doing by most of blogger But things will change while you use different heading tags h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 as per priority in your articles.

    For example as here we are talking about one of my example Difference between View and PartialView in MVC. If you search it “Difference between View and PartialView in MVC“. You will find following results .Heading Emphasizing

    In snippets you will find that my blog’s post is ranked but even I am searching with Meta Title “Difference between View and PartialView in MVC“, I got result from my Meta Keywords “Key Difference between View and PartialView in MVC“. This is because if you have visited my Blog post Difference between View and PartialView in MVC, You can see there I have used One of my Meta keywords “Key Difference between View and PartialView in MVC” with headings tag h2. This is what really make difference in Search Engines priority.

    You have to use Bold and Italic Text also to emphasizing importance words and text which you provided in your Meta Keywords. For example if you have different version for your articles then you have to provide different version with Bold and Italic Text which is present in your Meta Keywords. While Emphasizing your Meta Keywords with Bold and Italic, you have to do it wisely . Kindly don’t do it just for Search Engines, rather than do it for your visitors and users.

What is your opinion ?

Here I have explained how search engines using or considering Meta Keywords and what is reason behind all search engines false announcements and rumor . I hope it will be very useful to use your Meta Keywords as explain here. If you have any query you can comment or you can mail me.

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