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Various way to handle multiple submit buttons in MVC

In MVC we have requirements like there are multiple submit buttons on same form . As we are used to handle single button on same form , here we will see how to handle multiple submit buttons like save , save and continue and cancel on same form with various method .

By mvc check if username exists instantly using remote validation

In mvc many times we want to check that particular username or email address  exists or not in our database instantly at client side . We can achieve particular perspective by hard coding at server side but at client side we can achieve using remote validation attribute in model . Let’s see example .


Difference between View and PartialView in MVC

I have seen a lots of debates and discussions on Difference between View and PartialView in MVC. Both are used to return Html but main difference is that View return whole page including Layout while PartialView return only piece of html content. Beside all these points, I made some remarks on difference between view and partialview and some interesting analysis based on return type of view and partialview are described here.

By MVC Image ActionLink

In Mvc we usually use ActionLink like html.actionlink and ajax.actionlink . Now if you want to use Image in simple anchor tag it is quite easy but if you want to use image inside ActionLink it is some how tricky . In this post I will explain how to use Image inside Html.ActionLink and Ajax.ActionLink and some more guidance about how to use CSS inside ActionLink that is ActionLink with classes and style sheet .